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From Oregon State University and the team at Victim to verdict, comes a new online continuing education course!


the veterinarian's role in animal cruelty investigations


$95 for students: DVM students, RVT/CVT students, or undergraduate students

$195 for everyone else


For those who have completed the online CE course, we also want to offer you a discount for our book. Please visit the Wiley website and use the code V2V20 for 20% off your purchase.

Should you not qualify for either discount or should you be facing any financial barrier in purchasing the course, please contact us at as we may be able to offer you assistance.

About the Book

Animal Cruelty Investigations: A Collaborative Approach from Victim to Verdict provides a framework for the experts who respond to animal cruelty cases: veterinarians, law enforcement agencies, animal care and control organizations, and prosecutors.

This book is a practical guide which provides insight and direction for every phase of an animal cruelty investigation. The step-by-step guidance on responding to particular issues and challenges related to animal cruelty cases is bolstered by the extensive library of checklists, form templates, specific case protocols, and lists of available resources. This book is designed to empower readers to respond to animal cruelty cases confidently and effectively by:

  • Introducing veterinarians to their critical role in animal cruelty investigations including forensic examination and necropsy, crime scene response, report writing, and testimony. Included are detailed Specific Case Protocols for common animal cruelty scenarios.

  • Helping animal shelters navigate the challenges of holding animals in protective custody, housing unusual species, and placing evidence animals in foster care.

  • Offering law enforcement agencies useful methods for investigating animal cruelty such as search and seizure protocols, witness interview techniques, and valuable forms and templates necessary to strengthen and ensure proper search warrant execution, evidence collection and handling, and chain of custody; all with a focus on animals as both victims and evidence.

  • Guiding prosecutors through the steps necessary to utilize the veterinarian’s findings during trial and providing insight into issues to be considered when reviewing search warrants, filing charges, proposing plea agreements, or filing pre-conviction forfeiture motions.

This book is a must-have reference and guide for veterinarians, technicians, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and all those involved in the protection of animals’ health and wellbeing. The successful investigation of animal crimes relies on each of these disciplines, not only carrying out their professional duties, but having a collective understanding of what each other needs in order to meet that expectation.

In this book, you will find over 75 case protocols, forms, checklists, and templates for you and your organization to utilize. Here are a few sample forms to give you an idea of the resources you could have access to:

Veterinary Forensic Exam Form

Protective Custody Foster Agreement

Search Warrant Drafting Checklist

Sample Forms

"Fantastic Resource"

"After attending a training that Linda Fielder presented at, I purchased this book and was not disappointed. This text is a great resource for veteran ACO’s, as well as rookie ACO’s just starting in the field. The editors and contributors did an excellent job providing a thorough overview of each aspect of an animal cruelty case from the initial report all the way to prosecution. The text is organized and easy to absorb. The amount of useful information that can be gained from this book is outstanding. The template forms and checklists provided are so useful to help an agency or animal control unit be as thorough as possible, as well as organized. I would recommend this book to other ACO’s and to prosecutors, veterinarians, and animal shelters."

- Arrianne Ponds

"A Textbook Filled With Expertly Sourced Information, Without Extra Words"

"Wow! What a fantastic textbook! The authors are highly knowledgeable and respected in their fields. Collectively they have decades of experience and have compiled that into a textbook that will serve many down the road. The content itself is well put together, laid out in sections that are easy to follow, and the text is not dry and exhaustingly long. Of all the college textbooks I’ve read, this is by far one of the most interesting and informative. The pictures are informational without falling into the gore category. The interviewing recommendations utilize many sophisticated psychology concepts without putting you to sleep and the legal aspects of animal law/investigations draws the reader in without feeling like you are reading actual law text. I highly recommend this book, especially if you want straight forward, to the point, factual and interesting information about animal law. Bonus points for providing templates of legal forms, summons, complaints, notices, etc! Very helpful!"

- CatsonCatsonCats

"I have the book, love it and use it often!"

- Jen Bonovich


"I thought this course was very well put together and provided an abundant amount of very important information that I will need in the future to ensure I am helping every patient that comes through my doors to the best of my ability. I feel much more confident in recognizing, intervening, and preventing animal cruelty and maltreatment. I really liked that there were integrated activities to help me keep up with the information and the real cases which helped me better understand my role and actions to be taken in real life. I also learned a lot about laws and law enforcement activity which was very interesting and helpful.”

"Amazing course. It was engaging and useful."

"...I am very happy that I signed up for this course! Thank you very much!"

"The cases at the end were very helpful! ...The content was very well structured. I like how some of the images presented early on were talked about in the later modules."

"Thanks to the instructors for all of the hard work and dedication that went into collating this information and packaging for teaching."

"The cases were helpful for tying together the course information."

"Excellent course and extremely important subject matter."

"I really enjoyed this course. It was an excellent way to expand my knowledge in areas that I needed more help/clarification in. I am thankful for the knowledge that I have obtained and will try to incorporate it as best as I can in the future!"

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